I have been involved in different forms of fitness for most of my life from running, to weight training and training and teaching martial arts.  Having worked in an office for 11 years, I finally decided to take the plunge and set up my own business doing something I loved, training and aspiring others to reach their fitness goals.

I gained my personal training qualification through Future Fit and am fully qualified to REPs level 3, and set up my own personal training business and have not looked back since and have enjoyed helping others to achieve their potential and attain their goals.


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Monday, March 14, 2011
Miss England, from Whiteley
"Sessions with Chris, as with most things that are good for us, are tough at the time but you feel great afterwards! His innovative ideas for exercises, creativity and variety are what keep me going back for more, I never get bored and I kind of look forward to them in a slightly weird sadistic way!"

Julia Forsey, Whiteley, March 2010
Chris was recommended to me by a friend and I've been training with him for the last 3 months. My initial goal was just to get fit prior to an operation, however I've enjoyed the training so much and have so much more energy that I'm continuing with my twice-weekly sessions.  My stiff neck has gone, my flabby bits are considerably less flabby and even my hot flushes have reduced! A miracle it's not, it's really hard work but every session is different with a huge variety of exercises, I never get bored and Chris pushes me as far as I want to be pushed, always encouraging and making it fun. 

He's a really nice guy and, no matter what your age or ability, he can help make a real difference to your physical fitness.

Meg Marsh-Collis
I met Chris in January 2009 when  I decided to try his spin class.   I donít know what possessed me to do this as I am rubbish at all sport, very accident prone and completely uncoordinated. I had never been to a class at the Gym before. I usually just worked out on the cross trainer, treadmill etc. I did initially think spin would kill me but Chris fanned me when I was nearly sick, untied my shoe laces when they got stuck in the peddles and most of all encouraged me to stick with it. I am now a complete spin addict.

In March 2009 Chris asked me if I would like to try his circuit class. I didnít like to say no because he was having one of his enthusiastic moments.  Anyway, I was rubbish at first but I loved it. However, I had damaged my knee quite badly in an accident in 2008 and I was concerned I could make my injury worse if I didnít learn how to do things properly.  So that was it, I decided to give personal training a go and Chris was the obvious choice for me.  I really am rubbish at anything sporty and I needed someone I could trust and feel comfortable with.

I only intended to do some personal training for a few months but here we are in April 2010 and I am still going.  I am fitter than I have ever been and I am doing stuff I never thought I could do but the thing I like about training best is it is such a laugh. I never get bored because every session is different and challenging and Chris pushes me to my limit which I love.

However, the thing you probably want to know is I have dropped form dress size 14 to 8. To be honest I used to be dress size 8 until I hit my 40ís when I started to put on weight and then I had my accident and I went up another dress size.  I am rubbish at dieting but have found burning fat at the gym  works for me.

What can I say about Chris. Well most days when he tells me what I am going to do I think he is a completely mental person. During training I usually swear at him a lot but the results above speak for themselves. So, he has made me agree to consider having " Body by Chris Jackson" tattooed on my forehead and arse!  Training with Chris is hard but also lots of fun.  

If you want to verify this testimonial you are very welcome. Contact Chris and he will put you in touch with me. 

Dave Watson, Bishopstoke, March 2010

We have been training with Chris for four years now and have become good friends. We started training when we were members of fitness first where he was a personal trainer. When we left the gym, Chris started training us at our home, Chris allows us to train 
together, which helps keep our motivation up.  He is very competitively priced and is good value for money, that is another reason why we stick with Chris. Our original goal and my current goal was to lose weight and tone up and Chris has 
helped my lose a lot of weight.

Mandy Sheddon, March 2010

I have always hated exercise, I dislike going to the gym feeling inadequate with all the fit people around me.  i then found Chris who has for the first time in my life made me enjoy exercise.  the time spent with Chris goes quickly; he has an amazing array of exercises that can be done just in the living room.  his sense of humour makes me laugh whilst exercising! Which is a real feat.

i have really noticed theh difference in my fitness level, after each session I can feel the difference to parts of my body that have been exercised.  Chris is very adaptable in the exercises, which suits me as at times my back is very bad but he always manages to get me moving, and I always feel better for it afterwards.

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